Arnaud started dancing when he was 4, dancing and competing in different French partner dances.
He started West Coast Swing in 2008 and is now one of the best French competitors.
After winning numerous jack’n jills in worldly renown events (French Open, Swing Diego, US Open…) he now competes in the Champion category.
He takes part in the organisation of West in Lyon, one of the biggest European events.

Irina is a firecracker of a woman. Phenomenon if you will. Because what can you really say about this force of nature? Irina is a passionate and versatile dance teacher running her own dance school. 

Dancing since she was 7, Irina was doing Ballroom, Belly Dancing, Jazz, Hustle, Discofox, Salsa, Bachata, WCS, and pretty much any social dance. She began taking a serious interest in West Coast Swing in 2010, learned from the best and has been a very successful competitor. She is the first dancer in Russia to reach the All-Star division and the first one to have Champion points. 

When teaching she’s demanding and encouraging just in the right proportion.

Nowadays Irina travels all around the world from Asia to US dancing, teaching and competing in 15 coutnries, more than 30 cities.  But most of all Irina is a social dancer. Don’t hesitate to ask her for a dance!

Arnaud and Irina are among the first teachers to come to teach at Westy Nantes and we wanted to have them with us for this 10th edition.
No doubt this couple trained for the occasion will seduce you with their temperament and generosity.