Arnaud started dancing when he was 4, dancing and competing in different French partner dances.
He started West Coast Swing in 2008 and is now one of the best French competitors.
After winning numerous jack’n jills in worldly renown events (French Open, Swing Diego, US Open…) he now competes in the Champion category.
He takes part in the organisation of West in Lyon, one of the biggest European events.

Laurena has been dancing from a very young age. After more than 8 years of Classical Dance, Modern Jazz and Street Jazz she now thrives mainly in Hip Hop, K-pop, Street Jazz Girly and of course in the West Coast Swing.
with her technique acquired from her previous experiences, she quickly became a very good dancer at the All Star level with an exceptional musical listening.
While pursuing her graduate studies she has been teaching West Coast Swing, Street Jazz Girly and K Pop for some time now.