• The Jack’n Jill is a dance competition like in the USA where the emphasis is on social dancing.
  • The principle is that couples are formed randomly by drawing lots and dance on music that they do not know in advance.
  • During the prelims: At each change of music (3 or 4) You will dance on 3 or 4 songs. For each new song, the couples change. The dancers are judged separately.
  • During the final: After a first draw, the couples do not change and the couple is judged as a whole.
  • Judging Criteria: The judgment will be based on technique, musicality but above all the interaction between partners.
  • Costumes and accessories are not allowed, but proper attire is recommended.

Jack & Jill Rules : World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) Points Registry Event Rules & Requirements

WSDC Categories

  • Newcomer (- 1 year wcs or never competed)
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • All Stars
No WSDC Categories
  • Junior (- 18 years old all levels)
  • Sophistiqued (+35 years all levels)
  • Jack pot Jack’n Jill : All levels are mixed and couples are drawn.
    The winners win the entire starting bet!


Same principle as Jack’n Jill but you choose your partner and you will be judged as a couple, on imposed music.

  • Strictly Novice / Inter: reserved for competitors with a maximum of 29 intermediate points.
  • Strictly Open : open to all but not with the same partner if competed in strictly Novice / Inter
  • Costumes and accessories are not allowed, but proper attire is recommended.


You choose your partner, your music. you prepare a beautiful choreography and you will perform in public.
This category will only take place if 3 or more couples are registered.
Scene costumes  are recommended.

Rising Star Rules

 Registration fees

  • Jack n Jill Juniors Free
  • Jack n Jill 15€/pers
  • Jack pot Jack’n Jill 5€
  • Strictly 30€/couple
  • Rising Star 40€/couple

Payment on the spot when collecting you bib.

Competitors must have a FULL PASS or EVENT PASS to compete, except for Jackpot Jack’n Jill.


  • Trophies
  • Pass
  • Prize money

 Competition Rules

  • Competitors must be in possession of a pass that allows them to compete and pay entry fees for each competition.
  • Competitors must register before the start of the competition, usually 2 hours before. Competitors should be present in the ballroom at least 15 minutes before the start of their competition.
  • A dancer can not compete in several Jack’n Jill WSDC, except for the age categories. For example, a dancer can dance in JJ Novice & JJ Sophisticated but can not compete in JJ Novice & JJ Intermediate.
  • Competitors must demonstrate good behaviour at all times, both on and off the dance floor.
  • Competitors can not speak to judges about their placements or results until the award ceremony.
  • The organizer will make every effort to conduct all competitions in accordance with these rules.
  • However, the organiser might very well make changes in the schedule if necessary.