Workshop Extras

“Keys to a personal success”

Urban Dance Workshop

Lou Bruston is a multidisciplinary dancer (Hip-hop / Breakdance / Dancehall / Salsa / Contemporary dance)

Lou honed his skills in Barcelona for four years, then across Europe participating in numerous internships.

With five years of teaching experience, he has developed an approach to “movement” and bodily expression, working with various structures such as dance schools, film schools and theater companies.

The meeting with Camille Montpellier, who comes from a Classical and contemporary background then hip hop, dancehall, house, waacking, gave birth to an enriching collaboration.

They teach “Movement” in workshop format.

Movement practice is intended for dancers of all disciplines.

The objectives of the “Movement” are:

  • Develop your physical potential in order to have a body prepared for any discipline.
  • Being able to “dance” to any style of music.

In the practice of movement, they will make you work on concepts such as:

  • The different energies / textures
  • Rhythm, musicality
  • The groove
  • Bodily expression / feeling
  • Connection to emotions and then to others
  • Stage presence (look, breathing, voice, movement, etc.)
  • Mobility and range of motion

This workshop is open to trainees with a Full Pass or an event pass (to be added to registration)

Lady Styling Workshop

Maïna Vila Cobarsi discovered West Coast Swing in 2013 and immediately made it his passion.

She now competes in the All Star division and has twice won 4th place at the US Open Swing in Los Angeles in the “Rising Star” division.
Elegant & graceful, you will love her good humor and her pedagogy!

Maïna is also part of the “MaïGi” Duo which offers online Lady Styling WCS courses for all ladies in France with more than 100 subscribers to online courses.

This workshop is open to trainees with a Full Pass or an Event Pass (to be added to registration)