Workshop levels

The 1st class will serve as a level test. The teachers and organizers reserve the possibility to make you change level if the one you chose was not appropriate!
If in doubt, feel free to ask us !

  • Level 2 : You’ve been practicing West Coast Swing regularly for at least a year. You’ve started dancing socially and are looking for more technique to improve your dancing.
  • Level 3: You have been practicing West Coast Swing regularly for at least 3 years. You are starting to get comfortable with social dancing. You are always looking for more technique and exercises to practice to improve your dance skills.
  • Level 4 : You’ve been dancing West Coast Swing for at least 5 years. You often travel  abroad and have even taken part in some novice competitions , and people look for you on the dancefloor for your connexion and your smoothness.
  • Level 5 : This level is reserved for competitors who dance at least Intermediate level WSDC and non-competitors on sponsorship of an event teacher who will support your request …
    In this Level teachers will push your limits to the maximum !