Prices of pass

  • We are committed to respecting the balance between leaders and followers, in class and at parties.
  • We also recommend that, if possible, you register as a couple!
  • But your registration and your payment will guarantee the price of your pass at the time of your registration. You will be fully reimbursed if no solution is found.
  • Ladies can register as a leader in Event Pass only if they have at least 1 WSDC Novice point as a leader.
  • Ladies can register as a leader in Full pass without having WSDC points.
  • In both cases they can only register alone as a leader.

    If you think your case is special and these rules do not suit you, contact us!


  • €15 reduction on the French Full pass when staying in the event hotel.
  • You can reserve your studio at the same time as your pass.
  • All pass prices include 20% VAT



In order to maintain a certain balance in classes and evenings:

  • Level 2 is FULL. registration on waiting list in case of withdrawal.
  • FULL for followers registering alone in N3 and N4
  • ⚠️ Single followers in Event Pass will now have to find a leader to register or will automatically be on the waiting list.
  • ⚠️ No more duplexes available. There are only about 20 studios left
  • ✅ We always accept couples and single leaders except N2.

Pass 1 day & Parties


Payment method

  • By transfer on to the following bank account : 44 Danse Studio (IBAN: FR76 1470 6000 1400 0434 7744 544 / BIC: AGRIFRPP847) Thank you to write the transfer in the following way : Westy Nantes + Last Name + First name if different from account
  • By Cash on site You can pay on site in cash but you must provide proof of your trip by email with your plane or train ticket.


  • No refund can be made following a cancellation on your part for any reason whatsoever. (Except in cases of force majeure ex confinement)
  • However, you can transfer your pass to another person of the same gender same level with the agreement of the organizer until April 7, 2024.