Westy Nantes rules

  1. All participants must wear their bracelet at all times. It is mandatory to show the bracelet at the entrance of classes and parties.
  2. The organizer assumes no responsibility for valuables, property or physical injuries of participants.
  3. There is a risk of physical injury during dance activities. It is up to the participants to have insurance and liability covering them during the event. Do your best to pay attention to yourself and others too!
  4. Participants must accept the decisions of teachers and organizers during the event and in particular during the audition.
  5. Minor children will be under the sole responsibility of the parents or an adult expressly designated by the parents.
  6. The participants (their image, their voice) can appear on the media (photo, video, DVD of the event) that the organizer or the representative will record during the event.
  7. The organizer may use these media for purposes related to Westy Nantes or for other artistic purposes, in any form whatsoever.
  8. Participants agree that these media are the exclusive property of the organizer.
  9. Participants are not allowed to record or take course pictures unless authorized by the teacher.
  10. The organizer keeps lost and found objects for 15 days after the end of the event.
  11. The schedule can be changed: in case of canceled flight, in case of illness or injury of the teacher.
  12. In this case, schedules or teachers can be changed. no refund can be claimed for these reasons.
  13. We are not responsible if your flight, or train is canceled for any reason, and can not reimburse you for it
  14. We are not responsible if you are sick, injured or have an impediment just before the event, and we can not refund you for this
  15. Cancellation: No refund can be made following a cancellation on your part for any reason whatsoever.
    However, you can transfer your pass to another person of the same gender with the agreement of the organizer until April 2, 2022.
    We will fully refund all passes in the event of re-containment
  16. Participants will behave in a courteous and polite manner towards other participants, teachers, Westy Nantes staff and hotel staff at all times.
  17. If a participant does not respect these rules, the organizer is entitled to withdraw his pass and ask him to leave the event without reimbursement of expenses.
  18. Payment must be paid within 14 days of sending your registration. The organizers reserve the right to cancel any unpaid registration two weeks later.
  19. If you need help, contact Westy Team, we will be happy to help you!