At the age of 13, Estelle started dancing Lindy Hop. A true passion and a way of life that fascinate her and push her to perdue her second passion – travelling.

She decides to travel the world and learn as much as possible about swing dances. That’s when she discovers West Coast Swing and realized that this is the perfect dance for her, mixing technique with fluidity, grace and swing. She felt in love with this dance.

She moved to Montreal to be able to share and learn from the best and improve herself. She was able to attend Various professional training on both dance techniques and pedagogy.

She is back in Europe, teaches, judge, Head judges WSDC, and travels the world to share her passion with everybody. she will seduce you with her natural and playful personality, simple and accessible, and her ease to approach concepts more complicated with good humor and kindness.

Thibault is living in Toulon, south of France. He started dancing at 6 years old with Boogie Woogie, where he succeeded in competing in Junior and Main class division. He placed many times in the French National team and he has won a France champion title.In the meantime, he has also danced other partner dances like salsa, Bachata Kizomba….

Then shortly after, he started teaching in his parents’ dance studio and in October 2013 he participated in his first WCS competition in the novice division. He became passionate by this dance, got training and gave up every other dances to fully pursue his passion for WCS. He has trained with the best professionals of this dance.

In less than 4 years, he became one of the best All-star dancers and placed in a lot of European and American Events.
His own and unique style comes from his Boogie Experience with his excellent musicality.
He is currently a very good teacher. He likes to combine good technique in a relaxed environment with fun and discipline. His teaching, his vision of WCS and his analysis and expertise of the dance make him a very appreciated and valued teacher in all the different dance conventions in the world where he teaches, judges and competes.
When only 22 years old, Thibault Ramirez is considered as a very talented “rising star” of West Coast Swing.